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Partial Transfer Void Material
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Partial Transfer Void Material

One –time use only. The partial transfer security VOID material made from PET with release glassine paper ,the thickness of face material is :25, 50mircon .The weight of the glassine paper is  80g . Exterior appearance unchanged ,no trace when removed from the applied objects . Once opened, the face material would be destroyed , partial adhesive residue would be attached on the products ,also the hidden words “void or o void open “ will be attached on the products .We can meet  our customers' requirements and make the special edition mould .

Specification  Face Material polyerster film with 25 or 50 micron 
Color white ,black,silver,red,blue,transparent
Adhesive glue
Release Liner glassine paper
Max Width 1090mm
Max Length 1000m
Application bank , finance ,airline ,logistics , wine / spirits or cigarette , medicine , cosmetics, electronics, auto parts, IT and peripheral products,etc